How To Play Blates

Dice games such as Blates have been around for thousands of years and are among the oldest forms of entertainment in the world. In Egyptian tombs, dice dating back to approximately 2000 BC have been found.  

Like most dice games, Blates is simple to learn and easy to play.  It requires only two six-sided dice and two or more players.  It is often played as a drinking game. 

The game Blates is played in rounds.  In each round, each player takes a turn rolling the dice and adds the total to get their score for the round.  The player with the lowest score after all players have had a turn is the winner of that round.  You have to win two rounds to win a game.

The winner of a round is then given a token (quarters are simple enough to use), and has what is called the winner's advantage. A player wins the game when the have the winner's advantage and win a round at the same time.

Eights are very important in Blates.  There are a few ways throughout the game to get an eight.  Rolling a two and a six is a "Pauper's Eight" which is the worst hand in the game.  Players who roll this get 13 points for doing it.  

There is a roll called a "Gentlemen's Eight": a three and a five.  This is the best way to roll an eight in Blates and is only worth one point. If a player rolls two fours for a combination of eight is called "Blates" and is an automatic game win regardless of whether the player has the winner's advantage.

A roll-off happens at the end of a round when players have rolled the same point value and no one has rolled a low number. Rolling "Blates" in a roll-off is still an automatic instant win for that player.

If you are playing Blates as a drinking game, then the winner of a game - or a round if you so choose - would have to take a drink.


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