How To Play Buzzword

Lately, it seems that many games are getting far too complex, with so many exasperating rules, addenda, and pieces of paraphernalia that you're just as likely to throw them out the window as you are to play them. This shows that the old adage is true, that the simplest games can be the best ones, and few games have rules and setups quite as simple as Buzzwords. With just a few cards, a few friends, and your thinking cap, you can have a full afternoon of fun.

To play buzzwords, first divide your group into two teams, with each getting its own set of cards. On each card there is a word and a series of questions. In the beginning, each player lets his or her team know the main word, and from there, the player asks a series of ten questions, all which have that word in the answer. For instance, if the buzzword was "man", one of the questions might be "sewer cover", to which the team would answer, "Manhole". The team has forty-five seconds to answer all ten of their buzzword questions, and if they are unable to answer any of them, the other team is given the chance to steal the question and get the point. The first team to reach fifty points is the winner, and gets to gloat until the next game. Usually, they won't get to gloat long, however, because thanks to its fast-paced nature, the next game of Buzzwords is sure to be right around the corner.

Unlike many other games, Buzzwords doesn't take any extra items besides what is provided with the set. All of the buzzwords, clues, and materials for keeping score are included with the set, making the gaming experience that much simpler. Despite the fact that you don't get to come up with your own questions, you'll never be stuck wasting your precious few seconds trying to think up a word or clue.

The simplicity of Buzzwords is a refreshing change of pace from the progressively more difficult games that seem to be appearing on the market today, and it's sure to be a hit at any party, dinner or get-together.


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