How To Play Cat and Mouse Maps in Starcraft Brood War

StarCraft: Brood War is an expansion set for the video game StarCraft. The game features three interstellar species namely the Zerg, Protoss and Terrans battling over the control of the galaxy. The players of the game have to gather significant amount of resources to be able to build bases and equip their military with enough arms to defeat their enemies. Starcraft: Brood War has been extensively developed so much so that artificial intelligence (AI) has been increased so that all AI-run players are able to actively employ strategies and tactics. Furthermore, it has an extensive Use Map Settings (UMS) wherein the players are able to modify maps and game rules beyond the standard of the game’s platform.
One such type under the UMS is the cat and mouse maps. Since using the UMS has inspired players to make their own maps, a lot of varying versions of the cat and mouse maps have been created. But in spite of this, the basic concept of the cat and mouse maps remains the same.

To start playing the cat and mouse maps, one has to be online on You can also play on your own with the AI-run player as your opponent. Firstly, decide who gets to be the mouse. The mouse will be assigned as a Probe or a robotic worker of the Protoss species. In a game of cat and mouse, a maximum of two Probes are allowed. All the other players will be cats. Cats on the other hand will be Ultralisks. These belong to the species Zerg and are characteristically huge beasts that have extremely powerful physical attributes.

The game will be for the mouse to build pylons and nexus for free. These will be the mice’s bases. One mouse has to search for minerals which will be used as currency to buy sufficient units to beat the cats. If in the process a mouse gets killed by the cats, then the other mouse in the game has the chance of saving his fallen comrade by going to the specially assigned save location marked by a flag. This is why building a fort near the designated save location is crucial so that the rescuer mouse can easily run back to the safe place after saving the beaten mouse.

In the random cat and mouse, the most effective strategy to employ when you are playing the mouse would be to build several pylons around the mining zone making sure there is no nexus blocking the entrance to the mining area. One mouse has to serve as bait which the cats will chase. While this ensues, with the mouse going through holes that cats cannot get into, the other mouse has the chance to build more pylons for hiding places. In most cases, the cats tend to concentrate on wrecking the built nexus since they get to earn a lot of points. This is why the cats should be smart enough not to fall for the mouse’s ploy and just continue the chase. If one mouse gets killed, then the other one will be easier to defeat.


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