How To Play Clothespin Drop

The supplies you will use for the Clothespin Drop game will depend on the ages of your group.

  • For younger children you may choose to use a bucket or bowl into which players will drop items.
  • Along with your bucket or bowl you will need 5-8 items to drop.
  • You may use unsharpened pencils, erasers, clothespins, coins, spoons, tootsie rolls or even paper balls.
  • Have the children watch you demonstrate what they will be doing. Then have them line up or otherwise choose the order in which they will play.
  • Stand the first child over the top of the bucket and help them the first time around, this game is sure to be a hit and they will want to play it over and over again.
  • At the end of the game, you can give out stickers as a reward for everyone that has played. Younger children find this more fair, and this way no one feels left out after the game is finished.
  • With older children, you may choose to give the player who dropped the most items into the bucket or bowl a prize.

When you play the Clothespin Drop game with older children or adults you will want to use something with a much smaller hole, maybe a jar.

  • The game is lots of fun if you stick with clothespins, but if you don't have any then pencils or pens will work about the same.
  • Older children are more comfortable with competitive games, so you may choose to award a winner in this game.  Again, that is up to you.

Have fun with your Clothespin Drop game! This traditional party game is sure to be a hit with any age group.


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