How To Play Computer Checkers

A fun game to play on the computer is checkers. It has been a favorite board game for many years, and now it has been put online so anyone can play. To begin, all of your checker pieces will be the same color, either red or black. Your opponent's checker pieces will all be the color that you do not choose (so if you select red pieces, your opponent's pieces will be black). To play, you can only move your checker diagonally forward one space, or square, at a time, movement immediately forward, backward, or side-to-side is never allowed. At the start, the objective is to get your checker pieces to the opposite side of the board. In order to move, you must select a piece, then click it and drag it to where you want it to go. At this point, the checkers can not move forward on the board.

The other player's checker pieces will be in between your checker piece and the other side of the board. You may have to “jump” over these pieces in order to continue moving. To jump, click on your checker and move it to the opposite side of your opponent's checker. If you want to jump multiple checkers, they all must have one blank spot between them. Your checker cannot move backward in order to jump any of your opponent's pieces.

To jump over them, click on your checker and then simulate jumping over the first piece, and then the next piece; un-click the mouse when you have jumped over the last piece in the sequence. When an opponent's checker piece is diagonally in front of one of your checker pieces, you are required to jump their piece. The same is also true for your opponent.

When one of your checkers reaches the opposite side of the board, your checker will be “kinged.” Even in virtual checkers, when this occurs, a favored phrase among players is “King me!” A kinged checker will look different than other non-kinged checkers so that you can easily tell them apart. This piece can now move both forward and backward, diagonally, on the virtual checker board. When jumping over multiple checker pieces, a kinged checker can jump in both directions during a single turn.

Just like with the board game, the objective of virtual checkers is to take all of your opponents’ checkers and be the player left with at least one checker still on the playing board.


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