How To Play Cranium

Cranium is a widely enjoyed board game for four or more players. Because it is fairly simple to learn to play Cranium, this game is suitable for ages 10 and up. To play Cranium, divide players into at least two teams, have each team select a game piece, and role to see which team goes first.

The first step to play Cranium is to roll the colored die and draw the corresponding colored card. To play that Cranium card, the team will often select a player to draw, act, sing, or mold clues for the other players. Other cards will ask for the spelling of a word, a definition, or may ask true/false, multiple choice or picture identification questions. All the supplies to play Cranium are included in the box.  Each card has a short description of how to play that card.

There are four different card categories: word worm (yellow), data head, (red) star performer (green), and crazy cat (blue). No category is easier or harder than another, but different skill sets typically excel in different categories. It is more than likely that players will draw close to an equal number of cards from each color category.

If the team meets the challenge on the drawn card, that team's playing piece is advanced to the corresponding color on the board. Occasionally “Club Cranium” cards will be drawn in which case all teams will play the Cranium card. More specific guidelines on Club Cranium cards is included in the “how to play Club Cranium” section on the card.

When playing Cranium, teams that complete the color category they need on the first try will advance on the fast track, which means they'll answer fewer questions. Although the game may sound complicated, it is really quite simple once you learn how to play Cranium, and it’s easy to brush up because all cards have the information on them for how to play them.

There are four purple brains on the track where each team must stop. Traditional Cranium play rules allow the team to select whatever category card they desire when they are stopped on the purple brains.

Once you learn to play Cranium, you can play a more advanced version by creating more teams, or not allowing the fast track into play.


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