How To Play Cube-Sack

A fun, but sneaky game. Everyone, especially those that get bored with their job, will enjoy Cube Sack. This can actually be played by using nerf objects like a football or basketball. I have seen it played with the example I used: a bean bag. There are many uses for bean bags, but who would have thought it could be used for a game you play at work, while working. This is very addictive to where you might even want to choose a certain day every week to play it. Just enjoy yourselves. Everybody is a kid at heart!

  • Purchase or make a 2" x  2" bean or sand bag.
  • You definitely need swivel office chairs with wheels.
  • Two or more people can play.
  • Can't use hands.
  • Choose a signal before work that all will recognize to start the game.
  • Pick two or more captains.
  • Have the captains choose people to be on their team.
  • There needs to be a scorekeeper.
  • This can only be played while the boss is there.
  • Choose someone to keep watch for the boss.
  • Decide how long you want the game to be.
  • Set a timer either on your watch, cell or computer.
  • Keep the object going by using any methods except your hands.
  • Have fun, sneakily and try not to break anything.

You can make up any kind of moves, as long as you keep the object in the air. There are trademark moves listed on the official website. Make this your own, by coming up with cool colors to wear on certain days or wear a tie with a sports icon on it. Get a cheap trophy to be given to the winning team or person. Take bets on the team you think will win.

Hopefully, just in case you get caught, you have an understanding down to earth type boss. I really think jobs should not be so stiff collared. You can do a job and still have relaxing and fun times, while doing them. Warnings: Make sure your chair has wheels that roll well and don't stick. Take care not to bank the object off breakables.


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