How To Play Five Card Draw

Five card draw is a game that utilizes only the very basics of poker to accomplish playing the game.  To start, the dealer deals five cards to each player.  Then in order of how the cards were dealt, clockwise, each person is given the opportunity to open and in doing so can make a bet.  Sometimes the opener must have a certain hand to open the betting and sometimes not. For instance the game may be five card draw, jacks or better to open.  This means the person who opens must have a pair of jacks or better in their hand to do so.

Once the opener makes the initial bet the other players are given a chance to either call (match it) or raise that bet, which ever they may see fit.  Once this round of betting is over then comes the draw part of five card draw.  Each player is allowed to discard as many as three cards, sometimes four if they have an ace in their hand, and draw three new cards from the dealer in an attempt to improve their hand.  The other players need to watch this carefully because it can tell them a lot about the other player’s hands.  For example: if a person draws three cards, chances are they have a pair and are looking to get three of a kind. And if a person is drawing only one card then they are either trying to make a straight, a flush or a full house, or they want everybody to think they are so that they can bluff when the betting starts again.

Once this drawing process is over there is another round of betting, starting with the same person who opened the initial bet.  And just like the first round of betting, each player in the game get a chance to either call the bet or to raise it.  If at any time, in any round of betting, you do not like your hand, you can fold and get out of the hand.  If you decide to see the hand through then after this second round of betting everybody who is still in the hand will show their cards and the best hand will win the pot.  And that, in a nut shell is how to play five card draw.  If you are still unclear there are many online courses you can take to learn five card draw.


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