How To Play Free Computer Games

The web provides almost limitless information and entertainment to potentially everybody in the world, no matter what their interests or preferences may be. One widely available form of entertainment online is computer games, which come in diverse forms.

If you're looking to play free computer games, read on:

Generally, there are two options for you. One, you could download the games and save them as an executable file in your computer; and two, you could play the game online. If you have easy Internet access anyway, then the second option is recommended for you, so you wouldn't have to allot space in your hard drive for the game. But if you want to be able to access the game even if you're in an area with no Internet access, then go ahead and download it. 

Know that there are lots of free online computer games, so that it's going to be more complicated to choose one than to look for one. Some of the available types of computer games include travel games, strategy games, racing games, war games, as well as dress-up games, word games, and kiddie games.

Generally, the less complicated a game is, the more types there are available. For example, there are lots of available dress-up games in various websites; look up the directory listings at If you want to look for kiddie games for your children, you could try web sites such as and Here, you would find games with characters such as Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, and the Penguins of Madagascar. Strategy games and war games that involve high-quality graphics and complicated storylines may be available, but for a fee; you may try looking for sites that offer free trial versions on the games that they sell.

Where else can you find free computer games? A treasure trove of them could be found at social networking sites, particularly Facebook. Computer games available there include Typing Mania, Pet Society, Farmville and Restaurant City. The great thing about these games is that you could use these to interact with your contacts at that site; though these games can be described as very simple, many users find these addictive and highly entertaining.

At Yahoo Games, you could find different types of games that can be played online, such as its collection of brain games, board games, crosswords and word challenges. There are trial versions of strategy games available, which you could download for free. Another avenue for you to try would be MSN games at

Strategy and war games are usually available as downloadable freeware games. At websites such as, and, you will be able to download versions of popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto, The Prince of Persia, Myth War and Mario Brothers. Look up the selections in the websites' different categories; these categories would include Adventure/RPG, Educational, Sports, and Action.

There you have it! It's great to know that there are just so many sites you could go to in order to satisfy your computer game cravings. Just a friendly reminder: don't get too addicted! Good luck!


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