How To Play Jenga

To play the classic game Jenga, you will need four specific items to get started. The articles you will need are 54 wooden blocks all of the same size.  You will need a form in the shape of a rectangle with two of its sides cut out as well as the bottom. This form could be something such as a leftover pint milk carton with two of its length sides removed. This form is to assist you in building what is known as the tower from the blocks. You will need a solid and sturdy flat surface, table, floor, countertop etc., as it's vital to the game to keep the blocks from leaning or falling. The last thing you will need is two or more players.

  1. To set up the game for play, you will stack the wooden blocks into the form.
  2. You begin by placing three blocks side by side.
  3. Next proceed to stack another layer of three blocks on top of the first set, placing them in the opposite direction of the previous set of three blocks.
  4. You will continue stacking three sets of blocks at a time on top of the prior set, rotating them in opposite directions until you have used all 54 wooden blocks.
  5. Lay the form aside after stacking the blocks.

Begin the game by choosing the person who will remove the first block. The first player begins the game of Jenga by taking a block of their choice from anywhere under the top layer of blocks. One hand at a time is used, and a player may slide a block out on one side with one hand and retrieve it from the opposite side with the other, but at no time can a player push or pull a block using both hands. The first player will place the removed block on the top layer of blocks, in the opposite direction, just as they were stacked. Players alternate turns with each person removing and placing one block of their choice from the tower on the topmost layer of blocks.

The object of the game is to not knock over the tower. To determine the winner, the player who causes the entire tower or a portion of the tower to fall loses the game. The last player who removed a block and placed it on top before the tower fell wins Jenga.


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