How To Play Liar's Dice

The game of Liar's Dice is based on poker. However in this game, dice are used opposed to cards. "Hands"  are ranked as follows from lowest to highest:

One Pair
Two Pair
Three of a kind
Straight - low (1,2,3,4,5)
Straight - high (2,3,4,5,6)
Full house (Three of a kind and One pair)
Four of a kind
Five of a kind

To begin play, you will need five dice and a non-transparent cup to shake the dice in. Each player should also start out with an equal number of poker chips or other material for betting.

To get started playing Liar's Dice, you need to determine who goes first. To do this each player rolls one die, and the person who rolls the highest number goes first. The person to the first player's left goes next and so on.

The first player places all five dice in the cup, shakes them up, and then puts the cup face down on the table with the dice underneath. Next the player glances at the dice without letting other players see and decides whether to "stand pat" or "draw". If the player decides to draw, he or she can re-roll up to two times. Once the player is happy with his hand or can no longer re-roll, he must specifically announce his hand. For example, the player could say he has four - 5s or a low straight. You can't just say you have four of a kind. So what's the catch? It is up to the player whether they tell the truth or not! You can announce you have whatever you want, but if another player catches you bluffing, you have to pay out.

When it is the next player's turn, he can either challenge the previous player or roll the dice for his own hand. His hand must be ranked higher than the previous player’s in order to call it. If the first player, for example, called four 5's, then the next player must have four 6's or five of a kind. Play continues this way until one player challenges another.

If challenged, you must reveal your hand. If you do not have what you announced, you must put one chip in the pot. On the other hand if you were being honest and the challenger is wrong, then the challenger must put a chip in the pot. Once a challenge is made a new round begins. Game play continues in this fashion until one player has only one chip remaining, and that player is the winner.


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