How To Play Management Games

Time management games have quickly become a popular new gaming genre.  Even celebrities like Megan Fox have admitted to playing management games.  The Diner Dash brand is perhaps the most famous online designer of time management games, and the Sim brand has long been a popular PC series of management games, but many other gaming companies and sites have jumped on the bandwagon and are now offering their own unique management game titles.

What are management games?

Management games--also called time management games--are a style of game that gives players timed levels during which they must complete a list of objectives.  These games frequently mirror real jobs.  The most popular management games feature restaurant management or real estate development objectives.  They may ask you to buy and resell homes, build entire communities, or manage the day-to-day tasks of a small business.  In some games, you may have "days" to complete a set task, while other games will give you a "shift" in which to raise a set amount of money.

Where can you find management games?

Management games should be easy to find; finding good management games is a little harder.  Major game providers like Yahoo, PlayFirst and Big Fish are a good place to start, but you may have to pay to play a complete version of the game.

How can you play management games?
As we mentioned above, you'll have to pay to get access to complete management games, but most gaming sites offer one-hour trials to help you ensure you're getting the game you want before you put any money down

Once you've downloaded your selected management game, you'll be presented with the main page.  From the main page, you can choose options like difficulty, screen size, and volume level and can also name your new player.  Though the timing feature is what makes most management games a challenge, it's generally optional.  Once you've named your player and finished personalizing your game settings, the actual game begins.  The first level of management games is usually a tutorial that walks you through your playing options and game objectives.  This tutorial can be skipped; alternately, if you find yourself needing a refresher, it can be repeated.  Beyond the tutorial, management games will offer tips every time you encounter a new feature; these tips can also be shut off.

If you're having trouble playing your management game, try the help option.  If you're having trouble with game strategy, many online sites offer free game guides that will walk you through difficult or obscure tasks.


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