How To Play Online Golf

Golf is a popular outdoor game where the players play their own small golf ball into a hole using different clubs. The official Rules of Golf define the sport as "playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules".

A golf game is enjoyable. Playing golf gives you friendly competition with other players. You can enjoy competition and friendship at the same time in a game of golf. In fact many business deals have been sealed on the golf greens! Playing golf gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoors, to feel the grass and just be amazed with the various configurations of 18-hole golf courses. Lastly, you also get physical exercise by playing golf by walking from the first hole up to finishing the 18th hole and even on to the "19th hole"--the colloquial term for the golf club house and bar. So visit your nearest golf store or search the net for online golf stores and inquire about lessons and equipment. Look for discount golf courses and play golf at your own level, such as junior golf or ladies golf.

If you are unable to play golf physically or just feeling too lazy to try the real thing, you can play golf online. You can download several online golf games free of charge. These websites are just samples that offer online golf games that can be played for free.

  1. This website offers Golf Course, a game developed by Skyworks Technologies. To play this golf game, first you have to choose your golf club and distance. The game has a radar display to assist you in targeting your aim. Move the cursor left and right to perfect that aim. Click and hold the mouse button and drag it down to choose the level of power in your stroke. Swing the mouse up while letting go of the mouse button to hit the ball.
  2. This website offers the Mini Golf Course-Miniputt Game. It is a game made with Flash, thus you need a Flash plugin to run this in your web browser.  To play this golf game, you need first to place your golf ball in the most convenient part of the green area at the start of each hole. Click the mouse to drop the ball to the spot you have chosen. Move and point the mouse to aim your stroke. A yellow line will show the path of the ball and the power of the shot. Click the mouse to take your shot.
  3. Miniclip offers the game Golf Ace. This game is based on Shockwave, so you need to install the Shockwave plug-in into your web browser to run this game. This game can be played using the keyboard. The arrow keys will set the aim of the shot. The Page Up and Page Down keys will choose your golf clubs. The Spacebar will set the power and accuracy of the shot, and lastly pressing the character "v" will allow you to see the course map. This game offers a 9-hole golf course.

So whether it is the real thing or virtual, a game of golf is surely a lot of fun.


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