How To Play Parcheesi

The game of Parcheesi, which originated in India, is very simple. It's full of fun, and has little thinking to do with it. It's a race between two to four players that move all of their pawn pieces around the board, and then finish in the center. There are sixty-eight squares, also including the sixteen with special marks. Every player picks four pawns that are the same color. The player moves their pieces according to the number shown on the die. The winner is the player who gets all their pawn pieces in the final square first. There are seven easy steps to playing your game of Parcheesi.

  1. Each player places their four same colored pawns on the home circles. The circles are place on each corner of the game board. After, the pawns are on the correct spot, the first player rolls the die. If one die is five or higher, or both dice add up to be at least five, the player may move one of their pawns out of their circle.
  2. Every player is to move their pawns in a counterclockwise direction, when it is their turn. The pawns can only be moved on the purple and the light blue squares.
  3. The dice when rolled a double a third time count as a forfeit. Then the player must move their pawn that is the furthest along on the board back to their starting circle. However, rolling a double when all the opponent's pawns are out of their starting circle is called a double bonus. This will allow the player to move a single pawn ahead as far as the total of the two dice.
  4. If a player rolls  a two or three, the player is able to move one pawn two spaces and the other one three spaces, each die counted separately. If the player chooses to move their pawn according to the total, it’s not counted as five. The pawn has to be moved two, and then three spaces. So if the other player's pawns are on a square two or three spaces ahead, the teammate cannot move their pawn (see step 5).
  5. If the player's pawn lands on a square occupied by another player by an exact count, that other player must be “bopped”, be made to start the pawn back at their starting square. This also allows the current player to move an extra twenty squares.
  6. Complete a full turn around the board to be able to enter the pawn in the home row. After the player reaches the center square with an exact count, an extra ten points is earned. Then another pawn is able to be used.

The winner is the first player who gets all their four pawns to the finishing squares.


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