How To Play Percussion Drums

How many people have ever seen a drum set and not been tempted to play it?  Percussion instruments appeal to everyone.  If you want to learn to play the drums, it'll take some hard work and dedication.

The first thing to keep in mind when learning to play drums or any other type of percussion instrument is that it's going to take practice.  Really great percussion players don't get really great by thinking about playing drums. Lots of hours are spent practicing percussion rudiments, or basics. The more you practice the drums, the better you will become at playing them.

The most important step in learning to play drums, percussion, or any other instrument, is finding a great teacher.  There are many ways to go about finding a drum teacher.  The first thing to consider is the kind of lesson you want.  There are percussion videos, online webcam drum teachers, percussion books, and the in-person drum lessons that you would take at a music store.  You'll have to think about what the best thing is for you.  If you're a motivated self-starter, you can probably get by on a video.  If you're getting back into playing drums after taking some time off, a book may be your answer.  If you learn to play drums from a live teacher, you will be able to have any mistakes or technique problems corrected.  This is important, because learning bad technical habits in the early stages of your learning curve can hinder your progress further down the road.  Having a weekly scheduled lesson with a drum teacher will ensure that you are accountable for your assignments, and your progress can also be tracked.

Getting a great big drum set with lots of cymbals sounds great, but it's not where you'll start.  Learning to play the drums starts out on a drum pad.  This can be a piece of rubber mounted on a block of wood, or something that looks more like a snare drum.  Of course, you'll need some time actually playing on drums too, since different drums and percussion instruments have different feels to them.  However, it's easier to pay attention to the percussion rudiments you're learning on a drum pad as opposed to a drum set.  The drum pad is much quieter and cheaper than a drum set, which will probably make others in your house very happy!

If you choose to have a live drum teacher, he or she will let you know what type of drum pad, drum, or other percussion instruments to get.  If not, check with someone in a music store for advice.


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