How To Play Pictionary

Have you played the wonderful party game known as Pictionary that tests your wit, communication, and artistic skills? This game requires at least two teams, having three or more players within each team. The Pictionary game includes many items including a timer, a white board, a marker, a pencil, paper, five-hundred word cards, and four category cards. There are ten easy and fun steps to the game Pictionary.

  1. Put your players into teams.
  2. If you happen to have only three players, you need to name a permanent person. This person draws the clues for the other two players.
  3. If there are more than four players, the team needs to select a person who does the drawing for your first word. This position is then rotated so all players get a turn.
  4. Each team then places its playing piece in their start square on the board. Afterwards, each team rolls the die, the team that rolls the highest goes first.
  5. For the team that goes first, the member drawing the picture selects a Pictionary card.  Only five seconds are allowed to study their word, and after the five seconds they must begin drawing.
  6. The timer is then set, which gives sixty seconds for the team member to draw the clues for their teammates.
  7. Make sure the teammate draws no words, numbers, or letters, and that they are not using bodily gestures. The team gets the full sixty seconds to guess the Pictionary word.
  8. A team that successfully identifies the word within the time limit rolls the die. The number that is shown on the die is the number of moves the team advances ahead.
  9. A different member of the same team selects a new card. When the time ends before the word is guessed right, play rotates to the next team to the left.
  10. Your game of Pictionary is continued until a team wins by landing on the finishing square. Once there, that team still has to identify one more Pictionary word before being declared the winner.


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