How To Play Pineapple Poker

Pineapple Poker is one of many variations of Hold'em. It is played the same way, with a few exceptions. Instead of getting two hole cards, each player gets three.

The game starts with an Ante, Small Blind, and Big Blind bets being taken. The Small Blind is usually half of the Big Blind which is the minimum bet. Only two of the players are forced to make these bets. All players are forced to make the Ante bet.

After those bets are taken, each player then receives three hole cards, which they then discards one of their choosing. A Pre-Flop betting round is next, with the player that is to the left of the person who made the Big Blind bet, starting out. Each player can fold their hand, quitting that current game, match the current bet, or raise the bet.

After that round of betting comes the Flop. Three cards are dealt face up on the board. Players then proceed to bet again or fold. Betting begins with the player on the dealers left and continues clockwise. Casinos will discard the top card before the flop, Turn, and River.

Next is the Turn, which is sometimes referred to as Fourth Street. Another card is dealt face up on the board, followed by a third round of betting.

After the Turn, you have the River. One last community card is dealt face up on the board. Players then try to make the best five card poker hand, using none, one, or both of their hole cards and the five board cards.

Bets are made again. If two or more players are still left in the game, you go to the Showdown. It is the last round of betting and then the winner of the pot is determined by the best five card hand. If a player chooses to use none of their hole cards, and all of the community cards, this is called playing the board. In case of a tie, the pot is split between the players. Then the next hand is dealt and play starts from the beginning.


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