How To Play Pool Golf

If you love pool, then you’ll love this variation on the game, called pool golf. To play pool golf, you will need:

  • A pool table
  • Pool balls
  • Pool sticks
  • Friends (Two or more people can play this game.)

Just as in golf, the object is to have as few “strokes” as possible, and the lowest total score wins.

  1. To start, each player must choose a numeric pool ball as their ball for pool golf.
  2. Place each of the balls that the players have chosen in the breaking spot of the pool table.
  3. Choose one corner pocket of the pool table as the starting point. This will be the “first hole” in your game of pool golf.
  4. Choose one player to go first. This player will place the cue ball on the foot spot of the pool table. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s the spot where you would normally put the cue ball to break on the opening shot.
  5. The first player breaks the balls in the break spot of the pool table. The object is for each player to get their designated ball into the first hole.
  6. The play rotates through each player after one player takes a shot.
  7. Each pool golf player attempts to shoot his or her ball into the first hole and tries to do it in the least number of “strokes” possible.
  8. After shooting the ball into the first pool golf hole, on the player’s next turn he or she must place their ball on the foot spot to start the next hole. The cue ball remains in its current location.
  9. As each player is shooting, keep track of the strokes. This is simple because everyone will be on the same stroke as the play alternates from player to payer regardless of the success or failure of each shot.
  10. The holes go in a clockwise rotation, and the pool golf “course” is three times around the table to make an eighteen hole course.
  11. The player that completes the course in the fewest strokes is the winner. The play continues until all players have finished the eighteen hole course.

Now that you know the simple rules of pool golf, tell your friends and try it out!


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