How To Play Risk

The board game Risk is a fun and exciting battle for world domination that can be played by two to six players.

To play Risk, you need to understand the basic pieces in the game. There are three types of pieces used and these are Infantry which represents one unit, Calvary for five units and Artillery for ten units. There is no limit on the number of armies you can control. If you run out, you can take an unused color into conscription.

The game of Risk is also played with a forty-four card deck with territories and unit symbols plus two wild cards.  Dice are used to determine battles between players where the defender can select two dice and the attacker up to three depending on how many units are on a territory.

The setup to playing Risk is probably the longest of any board game. Each player gets a certain amount of Infantry based on how many people are playing. Once each player has chosen his army and then rolled to see who goes first, the winning player then puts one of his Infantry pieces on one of the territories on the board. Then going clockwise, each player then puts one of their units on the board claiming a territory. This continues until each territory is claimed. Then, with the remaining pieces, each person then fortifies his existing territories by placing one piece at a time.

If time is a concern, or if you want a more challenging game, shuffle and deal out all the territory cards and use these as placements for initial units.

When it is your turn, you can attack any adjacent territory to one that you control as long as there are two units on that territory. Your opponent, the defender, selects one or two dice with each die representing a unit he has on that territory. If he only has one unit, then he can only use one die. You, the attacker, then can select up to three dice which represent your units.

You must have at least one extra unit than the total units represented by the dice. So, if you only have three units on that territory, you can only roll two dice.  Both sides roll their dice and whoever has the higher number, the loser loses a unit. Ties go the defender.

The key to any turn is to capture at least one territory, which will earn you a card that can be turned in later in the game for more troops.

The game continues until ever player has been eliminated, leaving only one person as the victor.


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