How To Play Rumoli

Rumoli is a classic card game from Canada, and is believed to have been invented around 1940. Rumoli is a combination of the popular card games poker and rummy. Rumoli is a game that requires between two and eight players.

Rumoli is played with a deck of cards, poker chips, and a Rumoli board. Each Rumoli board consists of nine sections.

Before beginning, it is important that an equal amount of poker chips are distributed to each player so they may place bets throughout the game. Each player will then place one chip on each section of the Rumoli board. At the beginning of game play, the players will agree how many rounds will be played.

To play Rumoli, a dealer is chosen by each player drawing a card from the deck.  The player with the highest card is the dealer.

The dealer shuffles and deals cards to each player, starting with the player on his left. The number of cards being dealt to each player depends on the number of individuals playing Rumoli; the more players, the fewer cards each person is dealt. While dealing, the dealer also deals one additional hand; this hand is known as the widow. After the dealer views his hand, he decides whether to use the widow's hand.  If he doesn't want to use it himself, he can auction the widow's hand to the other players. If a player decides to take the widow, the dealer will be rewarded all of the chips that were placed on the board before beginning play. The player that decided to take the widow's hand will place her original hand face down and to the side.

The first round is the poker round. Each player places his ante, or folds. The winning player then takes the pot and all other cards in play are discarded.

The second round is the rummy round. The winner of the poker round faces her lowest suit card down.  Each player then follows suit in numerical order by placing his cards on the table. Players also have the option of passing in this round if they cannot follow suit or do not have the next card in numerical order. If no player has the next card or the ace is thrown, this breaks the play. The next player would then place his lowest card of the next suit, and the game continues.

The winner of Rumoli is the player who has played all of her cards first. The winner also wins the pot.

Rumoli is great fun for those weekly game nights.


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