How To Play Scattergories

If you're looking for a game that truly challenges your creativity and quick thinking skills, there are few better than Scattergories. A fantastic party game, Scattergories tests how quickly you can come up with words for a number of different categories by utilizing a letter selected at the beginning of the round. It seems easy at first, but as the group gets larger it can become a real challenge.

  1. To begin Scattergories, each player is given a folder with an answering pad inside. On each answering pad is a list of twelve categories.
  2. At the beginning of each round, a letter is selected by rolling a twenty-sided die.  Each player in the group then has three minutes to come up with a word, or series of words, for each of the twelve categories which start with that letter.
  3. Players can use alliteration to gain more points, creating a series of words that start with the same letter, but they must take care. The use of a series like "American Alligator" would be fine if it fit the category, but throwing in an adjective in a series such as "Amazing Alligator" would be deemed incorrect.
  4. After three minutes has elapsed, players stop writing, and the score is tallied.
  5. For each correct word, a player receives a point, as well as an additional point for the use of alliteration in a series of words, as long as the word is deemed correct. The "American Alligator" series would score two points, but "Amazing Alligator" would only score one, because the extra adjective doesn't count towards the total.
  6. If more than one person puts down the same word or series of words, neither of those players scores any points for that word or series.
  7. The scores are then tallied, the die is rolled again, and another round begins. Scattergories has no real ending, so the winner is the one with the most points tallied by the time the group decides to stop playing the game.

Scattergories is a great game to pull out when you hit a lull in a party, or if you're looking to liven up the crowd at a get together. You can really get to know people through this game, because players' answers sometimes reveal things about themselves you wouldn't otherwise uncover.


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