How To Play Ship, Captain and Crew

Get your hands warmed up and say some prayers to Lady Luck, because you're about to get the dice rolling with a game of Ship, Captain and Crew.

This dice game is part luck, part skill, and all fun, as you and your friends bet to see who can get the highest score while making sure that the Ship, Captain and Crew are always present. Just how do you get Ship, Captain and Crew to show up? Well, just read on to find out.

Ship, Captain and Crew is a very simple, but aggravating, little dice game; it involves rolling five dice until you have a six, a five, and a four, also known as Ship, Captain and Crew. Those three numbers are not the only three that matter, however, as your score is based upon the numbers on all of the dice, and the player with the highest number takes the pot.

It's not as simple as just getting a six, a five, and a four, however:

  • You must have a ship before you can have a captain to sail it, and you must find a captain before you can have a crew to follow his orders. In other words, you must make sure that you first have a six, and then a five, and then a four, in that order.
  • You have three turns to get the right combination of numbers. 
  • If you find the ship, captain or crew, you are able to freeze it, and roll the rest of the dice to see if you roll any of the other two numbers in the next two turns.
  • Once you have all three of the numbers, if you still have turns left, you're free to take a chance and try again or simply add up all your numbers and take the total as your score.

The last two dice you roll, known as your cargo, are in fact the most important dice in the game. These dice determine your final score. After you have rolled your Ship, Captain and Crew, add the remaining two dice to get your final score. If you are the player with the highest score, you're declared the winner and take the whole pot; otherwise, you'll be losing some cash.


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