How To Play Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a fun and simple game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While the rules of shuffleboard are rather simple, playing the game well requires a lot of skill and coordination.  Shuffleboard is played on a wooden surface, often the deck of a ship; however, there are also plastic mats available.

What You Need to Play Shuffleboard:

In order to play shuffleboard you first need a flat surface to serve as your court. A standard shuffleboard court is 39 feet by 6 six feet with a four-tiered scoring triangle at each end of the court. Also required are weighted disks called pucks for each player or team and cues, which are used to push the pucks.

How to Play Shuffleboard:

Shuffleboard is played in matches of ten frames; a frame consists of each player taking a turn.


  1. Players alternate taking turns.  For each turn, players push a disk with their cue into the triangle at the other end of the shuffleboard court.
  2. If your puck is in play and it lands in the top tier of the triangle, you earn ten points. The second tier is worth eight points, the third tier is worth seven points, and the fourth tier, which says "10 OFF", subtracts ten points from your total score. In order for the score to be counted a puck must land completely within the lines of tier in question.  It cannot touch the lines at all.
  3. Players continue to take turns until ten frames have been played, trying to earn the highest score while knocking the opposing players' pucks around to lower their scores.
  4. When all of the pucks have been played you add up the points each player has earned during that frame.  The winner of the shuffleboard match is the player with the most points.
  5. To play shuffleboard with teams: one team is chosen to play first. The second team waits behind the triangle at the opposite side of the shuffleboard court until the first team has played all of their pucks. At this point only the puck which is worth the highest number of points is counted. Then the second team takes a turn and play continues until one team has reached a specified number of points; that team is declared the winner of the match.


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