How To Play Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic children's game that helps to develop listening skills, verbal comprehension and the ability to follow orders or suggestions. Being easy to learn and easy to play, Simon Says is suitable for most age groups and with a fair sized group of youngsters it can also be a lot of fun.

The rules for playing Simon Says are as follows:

  1. Someone, preferably an adult, is designated as Simon, and the children all stand in front of Simon where they can easily see and hear.
  2. Simon says or makes a suggestion for the children to follow e.g. Simon says sit down, Simon says stand on one leg, Simon says pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, etc. The difficulty of the suggestion should reflect the ages of the children playing.
  3. All of the children playing Simon Says should follow the instructions given unless the speaker i.e. Simon, neglects to say 'Simon Says' first. So for example, you could give five instructions with Simon Says at the beginning and then follow it with a simple 'sit down' or 'jump up and down' suggestion. Because the youngsters who play Simon Says are intent on performing the activities as quickly as possible, the omission of 'Simon Says' is often ignored - and any youngster that makes the mistake and still performs the action is out i.e. they can no longer take part in that round of Simon Says.
  4. As the game continues, the number of youngsters left playing Simon Says becomes reduced until only one remains, and they are deemed the winner. You can awarded prizes if you want or give the winners lifelines for the next time they play Simon Says. So for example, the winner of one Simon Says game can be allowed to make a set number of mistakes in the next game without being called out.
  5. To make playing Simon Says more interesting you can speed the rate of suggestions up or pair suggestions together e.g. Simon Says hop on one leg and pat your tummy. This additional command encourages the youngsters to concentrate 100% on performing the given actions, and it is then very easy to slip in a simple command without 'Simon Says' and get a few out.

Overall, it is very easy to teach children to play Simon Says, and it can create a lot of laughter along the way. Not only is it a fun game to play, Simon Says is also a great development tool for youngsters and you can tailor the game to your individual children.


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