How To Play Texas Hold'em With Security

Many people lose money when playing poker online simply because they think of poker as a game of luck only. And that is not true, because the game involves the ability of the players too. Over time, you will come out the winner if you minimize your losses and maximize your earnings.

  1. Play always respecting your bankroll. Play only in tables whose big blind is 600 times smaller than the value of your bankroll. For example: say you have $600 in your bankroll. Then you can play at tables whose big blind is up to $1.
  2. Be selective in hands that you will play. Avoid playing with low hands (7 and 2 for example).
  3. Avoid playing out of position - ie, the initial positions. Wait to be with a good hand in a favorable position to play.
  4. Watch the other players seated at the table. Study how they play. You have to get to know your opponents.
  5. Play small pots with small hands and big pots with big hands.
  6. Don't enter the rounds just paying the big blind. Be aggressive.

These are the key tips. Enjoy them!


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