How To Play the Broom Game

The Broom Game is a favorite party game. There are two versions of the Broom Game; each is equally fun to play at any party.

  1. The best-known version of the Broom Game requires only two players and a broom. One player acts as the counter and the other player holds the broom. To play this version of the Broom Game, the player that is holding the broom will hold it upright.  He stares at the broom bristles and begins to spin. While the spinning player is doing this, the counter counts the spins; be sure the counter is counting spins and not seconds. If the player falls while spinning, the player will need to pick himself up and begin spinning where he left off. After spinning 30 times consecutively the player throws the broom on the ground and jumps over it. This popular version of the Broom Game ends when the spinning player has successfully completed all the necessary tasks.
  2. The other version of the Broom Game requires several players and is a great party game. The players form a circle, with one player being the host of the game. The host holds the broom in the center of the circle. While holding the broom, the host repeatedly calls: "Broom game, broom game, does anyone know how to play the broom game?"

    The host then begins to look for a victim, pointing the broom at her fellow players while continuously asking the question. If a player feels he knows who the victim is, that player leaves the room.  After the victim has been selected, the player that had previously left returns to the room and states who he believes the victim was. The secret to this version of the Broom Game is to listen carefully; the victim is the first person to speak after the question was asked.

Regardless of which version you choose to play, you're guaranteed to have a great time!


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