How To Play the Keyboard

It takes discipline and focus to play the keyboard well. If you want to play the keyboard like an expert, you should seek a good teacher. You can find a good teacher by looking through the yellow pages, by contacting a local college conservatory, or by asking friends for recommendations. If you simply want to play the keyboard so that you can plunk out a few tunes, I have a few tips for you.

To help you learn to play the keyboard, go to a local music store or search an online store. Find a primer book and a level one book for the piano. Make sure that your primer book and level one book are published by the same company because other companies may present material in a different order. Piano books will work well for you in your quest to play the keyboard because the piano and keyboard are such similar instruments.

As you begin to play the keyboard, use the primer book first. You should be able to get through this text in a few weeks to a few months, depending on your previous experience with music. Pick any number of songs you are comfortable with. Practice each piece five times every day for a week. Spend more time on pieces that give you trouble. Your consistent practice will pay off as you learn to play the keyboard. Every day you will play a little more like a professional. When you are ready, move on to the level one book. After you master level one, consider ordering the level two and three books.

The primer text will probably introduce the concept of dynamics - how loudly or quietly you should play a particular section of a song. As you play the piano, the pressure you use when you press the keys determines how loud or soft the notes will be. However, when you play the keyboard, you adjust the dynamic settings by using a toggle on your keyboard.

As you advance, you will notice that your keyboard does not have pedals like a piano does. Do not worry about the markings that tell you to play with them. If you get a chance to play a piano, you can learn how those pedals work.

Have you ever wondered how a certain song may sound played by an accordion? Your keyboard may also create the sounds of other instruments. This effect can add to your enjoyment as you learn to play the keyboard.


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