How To Play Truth or Dare

Whether you're at a late night sleepover or just hanging out with your buddies you don't always need a deck of cards or a video game console to be entertained. There are the tried and true mind games such as "I Spy With My Little Eye" or even "20 Questions" but those games don't bring about an edge or uneasiness like another universally played classic, "Truth or Dare."  Truth or Dare requires no equipment, batteries, or teams.  The game of Truth or Dare is quite simple actually.

All you really need is a willingness to do one of two things:

  1. Risk doing something potentially embarrassing or dangerous.
  2. Reveal a secret buried deep down beneath your tortured soul or maybe even confess something that you would never voluntarily admit.

Commitment is a key requirement in the game of Truth or Dare because backing out is definitely not an option.  The rules of Truth or Dare are simple enough:

  • One person is in charge of dictating the actions of the game.
  • That person presents an option to you: "Truth or Dare?"
  • At this point you must decide, which one are you willing to endure?  Do you dare choose Truth which may require a breach of confidentiality or are you willing to bet your body or even your comfort by picking dare.
  • If you choose "Truth," that person will ask you a question that you will have to truthfully answer.  You better be prepared to honestly answer the question about your crush, or what you actually did that one summer on your European backpacking trip. For some people, this is too hard to deal with and can cause much unwanted stress.
  • If you're not up for telling the truth you can always choose the second choice, "Dare."  Upon choosing dare, you are susceptible to an endless possibility of actions that you must perform.  Eat the pizza out of the garbage, jump off the roof with an umbrella or even worse, run naked through your neighborhood.  For some, this is far easier to stomach.
  • Of course you must remember that once you've fulfilled your end of the bargain in truth or dare, you finally get a turn to do the same to the very person who shamed you.  That is what makes the game of Truth or Dare a timeless game to play with anyone.

Enjoy... if you dare.


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