How To Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire

The game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire gave hundreds of contestants the opportunity to gain money by using their knowledge of details. Dozens of countries have imitated the game and have offered bigger prizes for potential contestants. People who just want to have fun and avoid filling up application forms can learn how to apply as a contestant.

  1. Read fliers about the game and take note of the requirements. If you are asked to download something before you can be considered an applicant, then do it.
  2. Watch TV announcements about additional instructions regarding the game. If you receive a text message inviting you to attend a preliminary screening, go.
  3. From the preliminary screening you will know if you are going to play and when.
  4. Before that date comes, ready plenty of current events. Be aware of the current happenings – politics, movies, sports, etc. Know that as the prize go up, the questions are becoming difficult. So be ready for that. Prepare a reviewer, if possible.
  5. When the date comes, go the venue as early as possible. It is relaxing to arrive with few people ahead or none at all. Do not read your reviewer anymore but be alert on what is going on around you.
  6. First you will be among the hopefuls, who will answer a general question. This question is usually very simple but contestants cannot answer correctly because of nervousness and time constraints.
  7. When you qualify to sit on the hot seat, say a little prayer and tell yourself to relax. You will rely on the knowledge that you have stored earlier or the early knowledge you kept starting your early school age.
  8. Consider the difficulties of most questions. You have three support services, or lifelines but do not use them if you think you can answer the question. If possible, invite help from your support services but do not stop scanning your brain to get the right answer.
  9. When you are disqualified because you cannot answer anymore or you have answered but not the correct one, return to your seat and check how you can claim your prize, if any.
  10. At home, review the difficult questions that were asked to you. You can re-apply but may not be chosen because of being a previous contestant.

In cases like this, playing in the game is an opportunity. If you have been a contestant but did not get the jackpot, be satisfied with the stage that you have reached in your play. Other contestants might be luckier than you are. Watch the game to learn more or play online. What is important is you gain confidence in answering similar questions. You remove your stage fright so you are focused on the answers. If you plan to play again in the contest, be very ready this time. Remember that luck comes only once. So if you have not been lucky enough to hit the jackpot, maybe the second time around luck will be with you. 


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