How To Pose for a Face Picture

For most people, taking a good picture means being able to look slim in the photograph. There are many different ways to do this with a half or full-body picture; however, what do you do when your face is the only thing that’s in the frame? A face picture sounds intimidating to some people, mostly because there’s not much you can do to make sure that you can take a good close-up, right? Wrong! There are several ways that you can greatly improve a face image, even without the use of face software to modify the image (although this can be a great tool too, especially to improve how your complexion looks in a photo).

Here are several tips on how to look good for a makeup picture, or even just a plain old close-up picture:

  • Before The Photo Shoot. It never hurts to practice. Practice posing in front of the mirror; try out different angles, and see which angle works best for you, given your face shape and your features. After a few minutes of practicing poses, you are bound to find the best pose or angle that makes your face hot!
  • Your Smile Counts. Aside from practicing your poses, another thing you can practice is your smile. What works in real life may not be the same thing that works for a headshot. Remember, extreme close-ups tend to emphasize all the features of your face. Thus, you need to be able to tell if a wide grin, a closed-mouth smirk, a toothy smile, or a simple lip smile will look best for you in a face picture.
  • Feeling Good. Even though you won’t see it in the picture itself, always dress yourself up in nice-fitting clothes that make you look and feel good. Even though your clothing won’t appear in a headshot, the confidence boost that it gives you will definitely show on your face.

These are things that you can do before taking your photo. Here are some dos and don’ts for the actual photo shoot:

  • Do tilt your head upwards slightly. This subtle move can decrease the impression of having a double chin. It also casts more light on your face, which gives you a brighter-looking complexion.
  • Do smile with your eyes as well, not just your lips. This prevents the photo from looking fake or overly contrived.
  • Do relax your face, and make sure that it is not too tight or you will look tense in the photo.
  • Don't position the camera below your chin level. This increases the impression of having a double chin, and distorts the natural proportion of your features.
  • Don't tilt your head too much to one side. It looks unnatural.
  • Don't pucker up your lips. Almost nobody looks good with puckered-up lips for a close-up shot. A more natural smile always works better when you are that close to the camera.

Whatever the occasion, the best way to do a face shot is to look as natural as possible, even though you’ve spent hours practicing your poses in front of a mirror. Putting yourself in a good mood before having your picture taken is a sure-fire way to have a dazzling smile on your face when taking a close-up shot.


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