How To Position the Snare Drum in a Drum Set

A drummer should play his instrument with ease. The snare drum is one of the important parts of a drum set. If this piece is not in the proper position, the snare drum might not serve its full purpose. Proper positioning for this piece takes a careful customization by the user. If you want to position your snare drum properly, follow these steps:

  1. . Place the snare drum on the stand and fasten it with the grip arms. Remember that the snare drum has a soft and a hard cover, one on each side of the drum. The harder cover should have its side facing you. That is where you should be banging on the drum. Do not tap on the softer side of the snare drum because doing so will damage it. The covering is delicate and it will easily break, so be very careful.
  2. Once the snare drum is securely in its place, take a seat on the drummer seat and adjust the snare drum accordingly. You can position the snare drum upright if you are not handling the drum sticks traditionally. That should be ideal enough for you to play the snare drum.
  3. There is an adjustment on the snare drum stand in the form of a swivel. You can adjust the snare drum to the angle that best suits you. If you hold the drumsticks with the traditional grip, you will have to have the snare drum in an angled position away from your left hand. Tilt the snare drum just right for your drum stick to hit it flat on the surface.
  4. If you play open handed, you play your left hand on the high hat and you play the snare with your right hand. In this type of grip, you should tilt the snare drum slightly towards you so you can play the center of the snare and as well as the rim of the snare drum.
  5. Position your snare drum at the correct height. You should not be slouching when you are playing the snare drum. The snare drum should not be too high for your level either. The height should be slightly above your abdomen, just enough for you to play the center of the snare drum and the rim.
  6. Remember to adjust the height when you are seated on the drummer’s seat. It would be tedious to be adjusting and getting the wrong height only to have it adjusted again. You should be on the position to play the drums before you can actually determine the right height level and tilting angle for the snare drum.

Playing the drums not only makes rhythm but it serves like a stress reliever for most people. Just be sure you are not playing it around a sleeping neighborhood!


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