How To Prevent Land Pollution

We live in a time when most products produced are disposable.  If it breaks down, we just throw it away and buy something new.  It is less costly to buy new items than to have the old ones repaired so that they may be recycled.  If we live in a climate of waste then we accumulate a climate of pollution. Companies that produce for consumer purchasing should have in place a program that gives the consumer a place to drop off non-renewable items, especially items that would wind up in landfills and take years to erode away.  This is true in the sector of electronics and automotives.  When TV’s went HD, consumers bought new HD TV's and tossed their old ones away.  A lot of them went into the landfill.  There was no program in place to dispose of the old sets.  Thinking ahead for disposing of items must be a priority if we are to prevent land pollution.

How manufacturers can prevent land pollution:

1.  Have clear and precise instructions for disposing of your product.

  • A designated drop off place for recycling parts or product; this should not be at the expense of the consumer
  • Make sure a product will decompose
  • Build products that have a renewable lifespan
  • Adhere to government regulations already in place to protect the environment
  • Manufacture products that are ecologically friendly
  • Be a leader in keeping the community clean
  • Once a year organize a community clean up day

How consumers can prevent land pollution:

1.  Learn to be more responsible for the community you live in

  • Buy items that can be recycled
  • Buy items that are environmentally friendly
  • Dispose of items according to instructions
  • At all times, recycle items at a recycle center
  • Teach your children to recycle
  • Help to keep the neighborhood clean
  • Be more knowledgeable in causes of pollution
  • Organize a neighborhood cleanup day

The first responsibility of preventing land pollution begins with the individual consumer. The companies will produce an environmentally friendly product, if the consumer will refuse to buy products that will contribute to pollution.  Land pollution is not just in landfills, but it is right outside our doors and in our communities.  When we take time to clean up our own back yard, we have taken a step in preventing land pollution.  Think clean, go green, and spring into action.


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