How To Promote a Self-Published Book

Promoting a self-published book is more challenging than promoting a book that established publishers have released.  If you have published a book by yourself, you must promote it yourself.   With that being said, here are some ways to make it easier to promote your self-published book.

  1. Attend book conventions.  Find out about book conventions in your area and attend them.  These conventions tackle a lot of books, so make sure that your book stands out from the rest.  Capture your audience’s attention and make them want to read more from your book.
  2. Participate in community or organizational activities.  A lot of people are book lovers, and they are found in groups during community and organizational activities.  Join activities that are related to the topics within your book.  Be a good team player and make them see how your book benefits the community or organization.
  3. Go to schools and promote your book to the age-appropriate group.  Talk with the school director about your book and explain how the students gain from reading it.  If your book is most appropriate for certain age groups, focus on promoting the book to them.  Students of other ages may recommend the book to someone else. Reach his as well but talk his language.
  4. Offer talks or seminars about topics related to your books.  If you give something first to your readers, they may more likely buy your book in return.  Give helpful and informative seminars about what the book is all about.  Hint that more good stuff is waiting for them in the book.
  5. Talk to people in bookshops.  People who go to bookshops are looking for information or entertainment.  Go to the corner where your book is located and offer a mini-talk there.  Coordinate with the bookshop owner for book promotion and book signing.  People love to own a book with the author’s signature on it.
  6. Promote your book in libraries.  Get your book be catalogued by libraries and go to them.  Promote your book in the library if possible.  Have some activities related to your book and encourage participants to browse your book.
  7. Go to companies who may be interested with your book.  Call up companies to see whether they may like to read your book.  If you’re good at it, you may be able to persuade them to make your book a required reading for all their employees.
  8. Go to shops which may like to sell your book.  Tell them how your book may encourage people to buy their merchandise.  Restaurants and coffee shops that encourage book reading are good places to visit.
  9. Check out online groups.  Find people in the Internet through groups, forums, and social networking sites.  Inform them about the interesting points about your book.  Better yet, create your own website and link towards it.
  10. Distribute business cards.  When doing business with people, always give them a business card that shows that you are a writer and publisher.  People will ask what book you have written and published, and they will look for it in bookstores.

If you are passionate in writing and publishing your book, double that passion in promoting it.  People are easily influenced by how you promote your book.  If you are enthusiastic about it, so too, shall they be.


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