How To Put an Airbrush Together

An airbrush has become an important tool for artists and modelers. It allows them to cover large areas with paint easily and evenly. In recent years, an airbrush is used by an artist to apply color on a canvas in a technique that cannot be achieved when using even the softest artist brush. When using an airbrush, the paint is spread more thinly and finely and the subtle changes in color and tints can be achieved with a few overlaying sprays. Now, the airbrush is also used by makeup artists to flawlessly apply makeup for theatrical performances and for major photography sessions.

In this age of high definition TV cameras and digital photography, a flawless makeup application is a necessity. These ultra-sensitive lenses will show the slightest blemish on one’s face and applying makeup using an airbrush allows for clean and smooth coverage.

The airbrush is a small instrument that contains many parts. The instructions below are for the assembly of an Iwata Eclipse airbrush.

  1. Place a piece of clean cloth or an old towel on the table and place all the pieces of the airbrush in a row. Place them in the reverse order based on the parts list included in the user’s manual. Be careful with some of the smaller parts that can be easily lost or damaged.
  2. Hold the airbrush body with your left hand if you are right handed. Place the lower lid underneath the color cup followed by the packing lower lid before attaching the side color cup to the front end to the body. Keep it in place with a blanking screw.
  3. The pre-set handle will hold the spring guide, the needle spring, the needle chucking guide auxiliary lever and the Teflon needle packing set. Put the packing head O-ring at the neck of the handle and screw it at the back of the airbrush body.
  4. Assemble the packing valve piston O-ring, the air valve guide body, the air valve, air valve spring and the air valve guide screw and insert it in into the main lever.
  5. Place an O-ring into the front-end neck of the airbrush body. Insert the nozzle that is a very small part of the airbrush into the body. Screw the head cap, followed by the nozzle cap and the needle cap. Use your fingers to tighten the parts in place.
  6. Attach the main lever or the trigger in the slot on the other end of the airbrush body. Make sure that the post of the trigger goes straight through the slot. Pull back the needle spring with a small pointed tool before pushing the trigger post into place.
  7. Carefully insert the needle into the body. Make sure that you do not bend the needle in any way. Push it in and lock it in place with a chuck nut.

Load the paint cap with paint and put the paint cap on. Make trial sprays on a piece of paper to check that everything is working and that the spray mist is consistent.


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