How To Put in a Zipper

People who love to sew tend to use Velcro instead of a zipper to attach clothes. This is because Velcro is easier to sew in than a zipper. The downside is the Velcro can decrease the aesthetic value of the clothing. It is not that hard to sew in a zipper once you get used to it. All it takes is to follow some simple steps and to keep on practicing. Follow the simple steps provided below to learn how to put a zipper into the clothing that you are going to sew.

Here are the steps on how you can put in a zipper to your clothes:

  1. Items that you will need. The first thing that you should do is to gather or purchase the materials that you need for sewing the zipper. You will need some sewing patterns, zippers, clothes, sewing pins, scissors, an iron, sewing machine and your choice of colored threads. You can purchase zippers and threads from your local craft store.
  2. Shrink the zippers. Before you start, you will have to shrink the zippers that you are going to use. To do this, submerge the zippers in a basin of hot water for a few minutes. Afterwards, hang the zippers to dry. They should dry to their normal size. Doing this will give you accurate zipper attachments when to sew the zipper on to the garments.
  3. Iron the clothing and zipper. It will be easier for you to install the zipper when the garment and the zipper have no wrinkles. Use the iron for this. It is also beneficial to fold down the part of the garment where you are planning to attach the zipper so that you can easily sew the zipper on and not hold it down too much when you use the sewing machine.
  4. Sewing the zipper. Place your garment and your zipper wrong side up. Line them up so that you are sure that you are sewing it on the center. Put some sewing pins on the side to keep the zipper in place. When you are ready, attach the zipper by using the sewing machine. Sew the zipper on from top to bottom. Make sure that your hands are steady while you are sewing so that you can achieve a straight stitching. Fold the zipper up the wrong side of the garment and sew it in place. This will give the garment a cleaner look. Test the zipper to see if you sewed it in straight.

These are the steps on how you can sew in a zipper to your garments and other items. With more practice, you will find it easier to attach a zipper. You will not have to attach your garments with a Velcro ever again. You can have fun with sewing by getting other items that you can sew on your garments, such as beads and rhinestones. You can also check out embroidery patterns online or in stitching books so that you can improve the clothes that you sew.


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