How To Put Photos on Canvas for Wall Art

Aside from paintings and other wall decorations, photos on canvas make a great addition to wall art. Not only are they easy to put together, they also are relatively inexpensive. All you need are your photos, canvas paper, inkjet printer, frame, and a good amount of creativity. Here’s how to do it.

  • Choose a photo. First, decide the photo you would like to put on canvas. The photo should have a high resolution so that it won’t end up pixilated and blurry when you enlarge it. Better if the photo is taken with a camera of 7 or higher megapixels. Such camera guarantees photo clarity and quality. If your photo has no digital copy, make sure to scan the photo and save it in your computer.
  • Edit your photo. After selecting the photo, take time to edit your photo using a photo editing software. You can enhance the color, edit out the unnecessary elements, and resize the image. You can also make photo effects. For instance, if you want the photo to look somewhat vintage, set it in sepia. If you want to change its texture, you can select from different texture options such as emboss, mosaic tiles, and grain. If you want to make a photo collage, you can also do so using the software. Just select a number of photos, crop them, put them all together, and make necessary changes in size and color. After editing, save your photo in JPEG.
  • Start printing. First, get ready with your canvas paper. Its size should foremost match the size of the picture. Then, feed your canvas paper into the inkjet printer. After which, open the JPEG file. In the File menu of the editing software, select Print. On the Print box, click on Print Properties. Then, go to the paper quality setting and choose Canvas. Choose whether to print it in landscape or portrait. Then, run a test print on a regular paper and see if you need to make more changes on the photo. If everything is okay, print the photo on a canvas paper.
  • Frame the printed photo. After printing, set aside the photo to dry. This is to prevent smudges on the photo. It is best to leave the photo for around 10 minutes to allow the ink to completely settle into the canvas paper. When already dry, you can now put the photo onto the frame. You have lots of frame options. You can, for instance, choose wooden frame or plastic frame. If you want it to be more unique, you can make a personalized frame for your photo and add embellishments such as ribbons, laces, shells, dry flowers, and buttons. The thing here is to choose a frame that will complement the photo and harmonize with the rest of the wall décor and theme of your house.

Finally, nail the framed photo to the wall. Make sure to choose a spot well. If your photo is quite small, don’t place it beside a big frame. It will be drowned out. The rule is to group together frames with the same size.


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