How To Rave

Raves were born in the 80s but its appeal is still very much alive today. The Rave (radical audio visual experience) parties are more than just a fast-paced environment where young people enjoy their music, it's a mix of different forms of art brought together for an extremely sensorial experiment.

To rave is to have a full experience related to sound and how it affects us. To rave is to be part of a full set of lights, electronic music and thousands of bodies moving with the rhythm. Like the idea suggests, a rave is the only place where you are allowed to be "intoxicated" with the music and the different types of "textures" the lights will provide the participants.

To organize a rave shouldn't be too complicated. What you need is a large room - maybe a warehouse or a club -where a professional DJ full of ideas will be able to bring the right sound for the right crowd. To rave is to be able to gather the right crowd that is longing for more than a community activity. This perfect crowd wants a place where they can let themselves go with the music and colors while respecting their rave mates.

The rave movement uses a few cultural principles. You should always keep these beliefs in mind if you intend to be part of a rave or even organize one. Rave goers praise the collective efforts for peace, love, unity, respect and responsibility. Their themes always surround those tenets and their visual aids always go back to those principles. Raves are always based on different civilizations and their cultures. Native or aborigine cultures are always praised in raves.

At raves, light shows are extremely popular. The glowsticking, as they are known, are light-related dances. LED's and glow-sticks are used to make effects that will make the rave dance more interesting and appealing, causing an effect of "light trip" to all of the participants. So if you don't have your glow-sticks don't forget to get them before the rave party!

To understand a rave party, you should watch for some of the movies that mention many elements of the rave culture. They are: Better Living Through Circuitry, Matrix, Human Traffic, Groove and so on. To rave is also to understand how music will affect your mind in the course of a night of dancing. How long hours of music and bouncing may bring you to a trancing state of mind, clouding any clear capacity of judgment.

To rave is to get lost. But not just lost, lost in sound.


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