How To Read Poker Tells

Poker is a game of skill. A player must know to play the good hands, like pocket rockets and Big Slick. Playing rags is also beneficial when playing poker. You are not always dealt the "best hands," so a player must learn how to play all the types of hands.

Poker tells are a big part of playing the game. They are easier to detect when you play with the same groups of people. Of course this may not always be possible, so you have got to look for the key signs that your opponent has a hand or is bluffing.

Being on the button means that you are the dealer. This gives you the opportunity to bet first and raise a rags hand before any other player. Pay attention to every person when they are on the button. It is a big tell if that person only raises when in that position. Play position can also show tells when you are in a blinds position, small or big. A person who constantly looks at their hand could be offering a tell. Coughing, not being able to sit still and touching the nose can also be tells. Be advised that people who are aware of these tells could use them to trick you.

Other poker tells include betting strategy. If a player always raises twice the pot, then maybe they are holding a great hand. A smaller or insanely larger bet should get you to pay more attention to them. Calling or raising out of turn can be a giant tell too. Those pocket kings were looking too good to wait their turn. A player's eyes can show excitement or disappointment. This tell becomes harder to find when the player is wearing sunglasses, but do your best. Talking can be a tell if your opponent is trying to distract you and get you to fold.

Poker is more than playing cards. It is playing people. Bluffing and trapping are a big part of the game and to succeed you must learn to distinguish between the two and always switch up your play.


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