How To Rebind Books

Old books that you save for collecting or future research often need to be rebound as the average wear and tear causes them to fall apart.  Books should be rebound when the cover is about to fall off and cannot protect the pages inside of the book.  By doing so, it will prevent them from getting into any worse shape.  You are easily able to take your book to a book binder or you can try and rebind the book by hand.

  1. The first step you need to do is take off the cover that is currently on.  Some bindings you will be able to easily pull off and others you will need to use a utility knife to cut away at the thread on some of the edges.   Keep the old binding as a pattern for the new binding so you know exactly what size you will need to be working with. 
  2. Next, cut two pieces of cardboard according to the size of your book and place them on some material, putting one piece of cardboard on each side of the material.  Glue the cardboard onto the material to create a hard cover.   Fold the edges of the material in and glue the excess material to the cardboard to avoid having any loose material hanging out.  Make sure the book is lined up properly and take end papers that match the size of the cardboard and glue them directly onto the cardboard.  Before gluing your book to this cardboard and other material place a sheet of wax paper between. 
  3. Be sure that the book is closed and press it together with large heavy weights.  You will want the book to sit for a couple of days to build up pressure to keep the binding creases accurate.  After a few days check on your book and glue all the insides of the pages to this new cover and again let heavy weights sit on it for a few days.  Many people think that you need to own a special book binder to do this but weights will work just as good.  The pressure is the main source that you will need in the process.   This pressure from the weights will allow all of the pages and binding to stick together without falling apart. 
  4. This is the last step when binding your book: take your book out from under the weights and enjoy your newly bounded book!


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