How To Recycle a Coffee Can

Are you looking for ways to recycle an empty coffee can?  You will love these ideas!  Just remember to wash and dry the empty coffee can completely before re-using it. You can cover the cans with contact paper, plastic canvas or fabric. Decorate them with different materials like colored paper, pictures, foam cut-outs, stickers, beads, sequins, and many, many more! 

  1. All purpose container. Use the coffee can for any sort of item that can fit in the can. You can put cooking utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas or turn it into a pencil holder. Keep candles, sewing/knitting tools, loose items, keys, marbles, crayons, screws, nuts, drill bits, candies, flour, rice, sugar, salt, coffee beans, coffee grounds, dog food, doggie treats and many more.
  2. Piggy bank. Make a slit on the cover or on the side of the can and put your loose coins in the can.
  3. Toilet paper holder. Get a 3-lb coffee can, decorate it and place a roll of toilet paper in the can. To store extra toilet papers, glue together several 3-lb coffee cans (about 3 or 4). The cans that you will glue to the first can should have their bottoms removed. Use duct tape to secure the cans after gluing. Cover with fabric or carpet. Decorate as you please with ribbons, lace, seashells, fabric flowers and more. Place extra toilet paper in the column of cans. Cover and store in the bathroom.
  4. Gift wrapper holder. Using the same concept as the toilet paper holder, you can create a gift wrapper holder. This will keep the wrappers from cluttering your closet. Cover the gift wrapper holder to keep the dust out. If you want, you can even make an umbrella stand with empty coffee cans.
  5. Gift can. Instead of using a box or a bag, recycle a used coffee can into a gift container. Decorate the can according to the occasion. Fill the can with homemade or store bought cookies, pretzels and more. For non-edible gifts, you can use old packing peanuts to keep the gift safe and secure while in the can.
  6. Flower vase. Decorate the can or paint it. Add embellishments on the outside. Put the flowers in a glass jar smaller than the coffee can and place this inside.
  7. Plant pot. Make small drainage holes at the bottom of the can, fill it with soil and put a small plant in the can.
  8. Grease can. Use the can for collecting cooking grease.
  9. Lamp. For aluminum cans, make a design on the can by punching holes into it with nails. Put a candle in the can. Light the candle to give the room a wonderful glow. You can also line the outside of the house with these lamps during special occasions.
  10. Baking tin. Use aluminum cans to bake breads and cakes in!  Make sure the cans are clean.
  11. Drum. Turn your aluminum coffee can into a drum instrument similar to a maracas for your child. Decorate an aluminum coffee can. Place metal object like nuts, screws, bottle caps and metal paper clips. Close the lid tightly. Tape it so that the metal objects do not fall out. Shake!

There are so many ways to recycle a used coffee can – whether it is made of plastic or aluminum. Put your creative juices to work and turn an old can into something new!


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