How To Recycle Broken China into Mosaic Pots

When you hear your grandmother’s expensive antique China breaking, your heart may stop for a few seconds and you feel numb all over. No amount of glue can bring back granny’s China. But don’t fret because you can still use the pieces to create a one of a kind mosaic work of art.

Recycle broken pieces of plates, cups, tea pots and serving dishes into mosaic tiles. Use them in different art projects: picture frames, clay pots, mirrors and more. Don’t throw away lids, handles and spouts. These are interesting pieces that can add beauty to your designs.

Creating a Mosaic Pot


•    Broken China pieces
•    Towel
•    Hammer
•    Metal file
•    Clay pot
•    Grout, water, container
•    Sponge
•    Plastic knife
•    Small rag or paper towel
•    Clear sealant
•    Protective gloves
•    Protective eye/work goggles
•    Black permanent marker


  1. Sort out the broken pieces of China. Look for the larger pieces; these should be broken into smaller pieces. Place these pieces in a towel then hammer away. You can also use a glass cutter to cut the broken pieces to a specific size or shape. Protect your eyes by wearing protective goggles. To avoid cuts from the sharp edges of the broken pieces, wear protective gloves.
  2. Dull sharp edges. Using a metal file, dull the sharp edges of the broken pieces.
  3. Mix the grout. Read the directions on the package for mixing the grout. You will need to put some grout (in powder form) in a container. Slowly add water and mix until you have the right consistency. You want to end up with a mixture similar to peanut butter.
  4. Apply the grout using a sponge and attach the broken China pieces. Do this by section as grout dries easily. Push a piece of broken China into the grout. Put another one close to the first one. Keep on applying broken pieces of China until you have covered the section with grout. Wipe excess grout from the mosaic tiles with a damp rag or a wet paper towel. You can use a plastic knife to remove excess grout as well.
  5. Repeat step 4. Keep on applying grout to small sections of the pot and applying broken China pieces. Do this until you have covered the whole clay pot. You can do this freestyle or create patterns with the broken pieces.
  6. Dry the pot. Allow the pot with the broken China pieces to air dry completely.
  7. Secure the broken pieces to the pot. Apply clear sealant on the broken China pieces. Use this to fill in small spaces as well. The clear sealant will give the mosaic pot a shiny finish.
  8. Place an identification mark at the bottom of the mosaic pot. Using a permanent marker, write down the date the mosaic pot was created, your name and where the China pieces came from.

Something good can come out of accidentally breaking grandma’s China or any other interesting ceramic pottery. You can gather the pieces and use them to make a beautiful mosaic pot and other useful decorative items. These make great gifts because they are truly one of a kind. Next time a coffee cup or dinner plate breaks keep the pieces and start thinking of recycling these into beautiful mosaic art projects.


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