How To Recycle Glossy Paper

Glossy paper is shiny, smooth and may be thick or thin. The kind of glossy paper usually seen is the paper used in magazines, in brochures, comic books, glossy paper coated into boxes and in photographs. As a usable material, glossy paper can be used for a variety of things: as artwork material (scrapbooking, collage-making, basket-weaving, paper beads, etc.) or as sensible anti-liquid seep-"through-ers" (when used to line up the floor or the table while painting or fixing or gluing, because glossy paper doesn't absorb water well).

The good news is that glossy paper can be recycled, too! Here's how:

  1. Contact your local recycling plant or factory on what type of glossy paper can be recycled. Usually, all materials having glossy paper can be recycled but pizza boxes, photographic paper (especially after being printed with glossy ink) or coated paper that may need to be reused, rather than recycled. Shredded paper may also be a big no-no, since it could damage the recycling equipment. The best tip is to contact your local plant or factory or search through the Internet for more information regarding this matter. The yellow pages of the phone directory may also help.
  2. Separate glossy paper from the non-glossy. Matte paper is different from glossy because it has a dull finish. Newspaper is easier to detect: separate both from the glossy paper. Mix all glossy paper together with papers from the office, junk in the mail (which contains glossy paper, of course) and catalogs. Whether it's black or pink, it doesn't matter.
  3. Prepare the glossy paper for pick-up. Place them in a separate garbage bag among others at the curb. For a total recycling appeal, use the paper bags used by supermarkets, tie and secure with coiled glossy paper or newspapers in a roll. Do the same with the bags containing newspapers, office papers, etc. Garbage pick-up trucks may not appear during regular holidays but may come the day after.
  4. Or go to local satellite areas for dropping off the glossy paper. Drop the garbage bags at scheduled times. The company guys will do the rest. Just make sure the paper is already sorted.
  5. Sell. Yes, glossy paper is bought. Vendors buy not only bulky glossy paper but also plastic and glass bottles, empty ink cartridges or inkjets, steel products, even the ugly chipped porcelain either by weight, wholesale, etc. Explore your local area to find who buys what.
  6. Donate. The magazines, the brochure paper, and the roll photo paper can be donated to charity. Donate a stock of glossy magazines to doctor's offices, to schools or centers or even to the kid-next-door who recently learned how to fold paper to make weavings for crafts.

It's tedious to recycle but it's very helpful. A stack of glossy paper may not only find its way into the market again, but may also secure hundreds of jobs for people working in a recycling plant. Aside from that, recycling paper reduces pollution, because they produce fewer emissions than the original paper; saves energy trying to make new products, and of course saves money (not to mention getting money in the process, too!).

Recycle now! 


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