How To Recycle Old Crayons

If you have kids, you have crayons and often crayon bits that clutter up the bedrooms, playrooms and any other space the kids use when drawing. Instead of throwing away the remnants of old crayons, consider recycling them. Follow these steps to recycle old crayons.

  1. Consider your options. The best way to recycle old crayons is to use the pieces to make new crayons. You can do this yourself by skipping to step three or consider donating the crayon pieces in step two.
  2. Donate the crayons. Old crayons can be donated to a crayon recycle program such as the one at They take your recycled crayons and turn them into Crazy Crayons that are multicolored crayons in various sizes and shapes. All you need to do is ship them the crayons and they will take it from there.
  3. Gather old crayons. You've decided to recycle crayons yourself so start by gathering all the broken and old pieces you can find. If you only have a few, consider asking friends or your child's teacher for crayons they want to get rid of.
  4. Sort the crayons. Sort crayons by color into piles.
  5. Remove wrappers. You don't have to remove the wrappers first. You can wait until the crayons are melted and fish out the papers. It's less messy to spend some extra time peeling the paper wrappers off the crayons.
  6. Melt the crayons. You'll need a muffin tin and foil wrappers for this step. Place the crayon remnants into the foil lined muffin tins. Place the tin into the oven and heat at 350 degrees until the pieces have melted. The heating time varies by crayon manufacturer and color so keep an eye on the melting crayons.
  7. Shape the crayons. Once you have the melted crayon they are ready to be recycled. You have several options for this step. Crayon shaped molds are available from your local craft store. Or you can consider silicon molds in any other shape such as stars or triangles that are easy for little hands to use. Once you have a mold you can pour the melt into the mold. Place a single color into the mold or consider layering or swirling the colors together.
  8. Cool the crayons. Place the molds into the refrigerator or freezer to cool until solid.

After these few simple steps, you have created crayons that are ready to be used. Share them with your kids, family and friends. With a little practice you can get creative to create new color combinations and shapes that everyone will love.


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Let's go green and recycle. Thanks for the advice.

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