How To Recycle Silver

Contrary to what most people think, silver is one of the most precious and used natural resources. Most people take silver for granted thinking that it is less precious than gold or platinum and 30 pieces were used by Judas to betray Jesus. Nevertheless, silver is a part of almost anything in modern life. Jewelry, electronic devices, and coins are some of the practical applications where silver is a primary component. Since silver is not a renewable or infinite resource and is used for most of the conventional things an average person uses, as time and population demand goes and grows, its value will surely increase in demand. To help in reducing the demand and providing a continuous stream of silver resources, it is highly recommended to recycle silver so that it can be used for future applications.

  1. Jewelry. Since gold and platinum have a significantly higher value than silver, most people will prefer to adorn jewelry and accessories made with gold and platinum. However, a lot of people still purchase or give silver jewelry for a number of occasions or for an occasional shopping splurge. In the days, weeks, months, and years to come, you may not notice that your collection of silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are sitting quietly in your jewelry box accumulating dust. If you are not using them, why not earn some money out of it by selling it to other people that will make use of it. The easiest way to do it is gather all your silver jewelry and bringing them to a jewelry shop to have them appraised. Have them appraised by a number of jewelry shops and sell them to the shop that gives you the best price for the lot. The jewelry shop can then decide to resell them to a customer or melt them to create other designs of jewelry. Another option would be to sell all your silver to a pawnshop that will then melt the jewelry and sell it by bricks in the market to be used for other applications.
  2. Photographs. Many people may not know it, but old photographs contain a good amount of silver. If you have scanned or have a digital copy of these photographs, it may be a good idea to extract the silver from them for recycling. Go to the nearest photo lab or shop and have them extract the silver from your old pictures. Silver extraction from photographs is done through electrolysis.
  3. Electronics. Computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices that make use of IC boards will always be made with silver as one of its raw material components. Most of these electronic device manufacturers have a recycling program where they encourage consumers to donate all of their old electronics for recycling. Some companies even offer free stuff in exchange for old devices. Bring your seemingly useless and old electronics devices such as mobile phones, electronic organizers, and computers to the nearest manufacturer’s recycling depot so that the silver in these devices will be reclaimed and extracted to be used in the creation of future device models.

Stop taking your silver for granted and leaving it in your dresser or drawer for no one to use or see. Take all of your silver and start making a move to help the environment by recycling these ever precious natural resources.


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