How To Recycle Wine Bottles

After a relaxing night with friends savoring your favorite vintages with exotic cheeses, the next morning clean up will see your house filled with empty bottles of wine. Most people would either throw these bottles away or store it under the sink or in the garage. However, some people with more common sense and practicality will opt to find ways to reuse or recycle these empty bottles instead of trashing it or leaving it to dust in the deeper recesses of the house. These people that opt to recycle wine bottles should be the people you should emulate. To assist you in the transformation, there are several ways that you can put those empty wine bottles to use.

  1. Bring them to a recycling center. Assign a storage bin or basket where you can place all the recyclable used materials in your home including all the empty wine bottles. Collect all these and locate your local recycling center or agent. Some recycling centers will even compensate you for every glass bottle or aluminum can that you bring them. Once delivered to them, the recycling center will then bring these to their recycling factories where they will be crushed and melted to be used to create something new.
  2. Use as a piggy bank. One creative idea for an empty wine bottle is to use it as a piggy bank. Drop all your loose change into the bottle and save it for a rainy day. If you still have the cork, use it to cover the bottle. Hide the bottle beneath your bed or inside a closet. Once a bottle is full of coins, use another empty bottle to contain the next batch of coins to be saved. Even your kids can use this when you start teaching them about the value of money.
  3. Use as a gift container. Another very creative option to reuse an empty wine bottle is by using it as a container for gifts. If you want to give your friend or loved one some liquid scents, oils, or bath products in both liquid or powder form, then you can pour it all into an old wine bottle and seal it with a cork. Find a good wine box and wrap it with a bow. Make sure to include a notice in your card that the substance in the bottle is not wine and not for drinking.
  4. Use as a liquid storage. One of the most common uses of an old and empty wine bottle is for storing other liquid substances. For instance, some people clean and use old wine bottles to store drinking water in the refrigerator. Other people use wine bottles to store cooking oil or vinegar. Of course, this would only be feasible if you still had a cork to cover the opening.
  5. Display a wine bottle collection. If your wine bottles used to hold precious vintage and rare wines, then you can create a display or collection of wine that you have tasted and previously owned. This can be displayed in your kitchen, study, or home bar. You can fill up the bottles with water to make them look like there was still some wine left.  Cover them with a cork. The collection can serve to decorate and can be a fantastic conversation starter should your guests be interested in wine.

There are many other uses for old and empty wine bottles. With a little creativity and imagination, you can most probably think of other unique ideas where a good wine bottle can make a difference and provide usefulness in your life again.


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