How To Recycle Your CDs into Suncatchers

Do you have tons of scrap CD’s stacked somewhere around the house? Instead of throwing them away, you can make sun catchers out of them. Read on to learn how to make recycled CD sun catchers.

  1. Gather the materials for your sun catcher craft project. For this project you will need 6 pieces of CDs to make a three-tiered sun catcher; all purpose glue; craft wire or a fishing line; a needle or a nail; materials to design the sun catcher with, like beads, glitter, buttons, or stickers.
  2. Stick the CDs together.Make three pairs of CDs, gluing each pair together by the label side. Make sure that both CDs are glued firmly and evenly.
  3. Burn a hole on the CD. Light a candle, or use a lighter, then heat the tip of a needle or a nail. Make sure that you work carefully around the fire! Once the tip is fairly hot, carefully push it through the glued CD, making sure that it is about half an inch from the edge. Create a hole that is large enough to stick a craft wire or a fishing line in. Make sure that this is done on the top and lower portion of the CD because this is where you will tie a string to join all three pairs of CD’s together. For the third pair of CDs, make 3 holes at the bottom, about half an inch apart from each other.
  4. Join the paired CDs together to make a three-tiered sun catcher. Get a craft wire or fishing line, about 8 inches in length, then fold it in half. Next, get one CD pair, which will become the top CD of your three-tiered sun catcher. Thread the folded part through the top hole of the CD, and then slip the other end through the folded part and then create a slip knot. Thread some beads on the slip knot, making sure that you leave about 3 inches free so you can securely create a knot and a loop for hanging. Get another wire and slip it through the bottom hole of the first CD, then thread in some beads. Leave about 2 inches of free space on the wire, then get your second CD and tie it using the wire attached to the bottom hole of your first CD. Follow the same procedure to attach the second and third CDs together. The third CD pair should be the one with three bottom holes in it, so you have three strings of dangling beads.
  5. Add more designs to your sun catcher. If you want to make it more personalized, you can stencil designs on the CD, or glue in beads, glitters or buttons.

CD sun catchers can be used to drive away animals in your yard, or you can use them as decorations around your home. They also serve as an inexpensive but pretty gift idea, so go crazy in creating your own CD sun catcher!


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