How To Rediscover Your Creative Inner Puppy

Have you ever had a new puppy that's absolutely bounding with energy? Each morning it wakes at the crack of dawn, hurtles into your room and jumps all over you with its oversized paws before you've even opened an eye? Then when you do get up, puppy takes YOU for a walk round a few blocks, seemingly having the strength of a small cart horse!

This kind of energy may not be exactly what you need first thing in the morning, but nonetheless it's amazing to see that kind of endless enthusiasm for life.

How does this compare with your approach to creating? Do you have a similar bounding energy, passion and zest for life when you create? Or is it more like a tired old flea-bitten mongrel hoping to be out of its misery?

Here are 5 steps to helping you rediscover your inner creative puppy!

  1. Feed healthily. Just like a growing pup needs plenty of nourishment, your creativity needs fresh stimulation. Visit different places, read a range of books, listen to different radio stations and music. Expose your creativity to a steady flow of new experiences and your ideas will keep flowing.
  2. Give plenty of exercise. Exercise is vital, to keep your creativity active and flowing and use up that energy and those ideas. Set aside 15 minutes at least once a day to create without distraction. Without daily exercise the ease with which you create will rapidly start to slide.
  3. Play often. Play is an essential need for your creativity, as it is with puppies. Take time to simply experiment and try new ways of creating, new approaches, different materials. Forget about expectations and perfect outcomes and just play with a puppy-like abandon.
  4. Give praise and affection freely. Take care of your creativity, recognise its value and best points. It needs to feel wanted and appreciated. Acknowledge all that you create, every moment of creating is an investment in further creating and an investment in your own well being.
  5. Be a proud and sharing parent. Like the owner of a new puppy, share your creativity with others. Seeing someone else's work, even just seeing someone else stepping up and creating each day, can be a huge inspiration to others who are looking for the same kind of creative happiness in their lives too.

Follow these 5 tips today and you can start to see a rejuvenation in your creativity akin to getting a new puppy!

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