How To Refinish a Metal Swing Set

Swing sets are still among the most popular playground pieces. Plenty of parents install metal swing sets in their backyard so that children can enjoy the summer breeze or relax after a long day at school. Even adults can enjoy a metal swing set, which is usually strong enough to hold the weight of a full-grown person. Because of constant exposure to the elements, however, a metal swing set will eventually need to be refinished for maintenance purposes. Here’s how.

Testing. First, you need to check the various parts of the metal swing set. If you have assembled the swing set yourself, think of the various pieces that were used for the swing set, and check these one by one. Check the frames on which the swing itself is attached. Check the iron bars or the chains that connect the frame and the swing. Check the bolts that connect the various parts of the metal swing set, and check the swing set itself. Make sure that there are no rusts in any parts of the swing set. Rusting is a sign that the metals are weakening, and these spots should be replaced or reinforced.

Bolts. The bolts are another special part of the metal swing set that you should pay attention to. Although bolts are strong, they can also still rust.  As much as possible, you should unbolt and disassemble the parts of the metal swing set so that you can clean the bolts as well. If they are heavily damaged, distorted, or rusted, then you should replace the bolts with new bolts that are of the same size. Bolts are available in a range of sizes in most hardware shops.

Support chains and hooks
. Next, look into the support chains and the hooks that are attached to the various types of the metal swing set, such as the swing seat and the frame. Make sure that the chains have not rusted. Look at the individual links and pieces in the chain. Also look at the “S” hooks which are typically attached to the frame and the swing seat. The S hooks should be curved well and should not show signs of having been pulled straight.

Replacing. After assessing the metal swing set, create a list of all the parts and pieces of the swing set that needs to be replaced. Whether the S hook, bolt, chain, or the metal rods, make sure that all parts of the swing, which are rusted, are replaced. Most parts of a swing set can be replaced simply by removing the bolts and replacing the parts.

Painting. Finally, use a solvent to remove the splashes of paint remaining in the metal swing set. You can also use a sandpaper to remove the paint. Afterwards, add a fresh coat of paint and allow the metal swing set to air dry. If only a part of the metal swing set is in need of a paint job, you can choose to paint only the trouble areas.

With these steps, you should be able to refinish your metal swing set and bring it back to the same condition as when you first brought the swing set home.


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