How To Release the Creative Writer Within You

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We all have writing ability within us, just as we're all able to communicate in other ways, like speaking and listening. If you've been curious about how you can explore the writing talents within you, but haven't been sure how to get started, here's your chance.

Follow these 7 tips to release the creative writer within:

  1. Read what you enjoy reading. It can be overwhelming to try to work out how to start writing, and how to pick a genre, a style, a project and so on. Often the best way to get started in writing is to find what you enjoy reading most. You'll already have favourite writers and authors, explore some others too. Ask what it is you most enjoy about their writing, what keeps you coming back? You can then get an idea of some of the elements you'd like in your own writing, and styles you can try.
  2. Gather your ideas. Every story, passage and poem begins with an idea. No ideas = no writing. There's plenty you can do to encourage a steady flow of creative ideas, and the key to this is to have a way to gather your ideas. The most obvious and easiest for a writer is to keep a small notebook with you wherever you go. As soon as you have the glint of an idea, jot it down. The more you get into the habit of capturing your ideas, the more you'll have.
  3. Use writing prompts and exercises. This isn't about going "back to school" and doing all kinds of tests where you're under pressure and will be given a grade at the end of it. Writing prompts and exercises are simply a great starting point to spur your creative mind into action. Where you take your writing after that initial prompt is entirely up to you and the sum of your creativity alone, no-one else's.
  4. Write about what you want to write about. A great way to stop your writing dead is to always focus on what you think you SHOULD be writing about, in a way you think you SHOULD be writing. Instead, write in the way that comes most naturally, and about the things that interest you most. All writers have their own personal themes, give yours the chance to come through and you'll find writing so much easier.
  5. Write every day. Developing a writing habit is key to consistent writing and to unlocking your writing abilities. Since we live by a daily calendar system, it makes perfect sense to slot our writing habits into this too. Set aside time each day, even if just 15 minutes, to sit down somewhere quietly and write. As you develop the habit, extend the time, or make space for two writing sessions each day. There's nothing more valuable than this for any writer.
  6. Give yourself permission to be a great writer. Doubts and negative beliefs will always define how great a writer you become. If you don't believe you can be a creative writer, then, quite simply, you won't be. Give yourself permission, be open to the possibility that you can write in a way you never thought possible, and allow that writing talent to shine through.
  7. Join a supportive writing group. No writer can spend all of their time alone, however gifted they are. Getting support in your writing life can be a huge boost and motivation. Find a local or online writing group, one that's supportive and encouraging, not elitist and competitive. You also find that supporting others in their writing careers is motivating and rewarding too.

Which of these writing tips will you choose first to help release the creative writer in YOU?

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Very useful little article there, dear. =]

By Kashy Ali

I really enjoy your articles, Dan. You always offer terrific ideas for unleashing creativity and keeping those juices flowing! :O)

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