How To Remove Pilling from Clothing

Pilling is common to any form of clothing, be it woolen, woven, napped or any other kind of fabrics. Those little fuzzy balls that come loose after a new coat, sweater or blanket is washed are what is referred to as pilling. The main reason for your clothing to pill is regular wear and tear or any kind of abrasion. Pilling occurs when natural fibers cling to the man made ones, one reason why you should not place fabrics of different kinds together in a washing machine. Pilling can be prevented following a few simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Pick up a sweater or a fabric comb at any fabric or hobby store.
  • This is the smaller version of a regular hair comb, with stiff and tiny teeth (about one-eighth inches long).
  • Find a flat surface to place the clothing or blanket.
  • Place your hand under the fabric and with gentle, but brisk strokes, brush off the fuzzy balls on the fabric.
  • Repeat this process until you complete brushing the rest of the fabric.
  • Check for pilling on either sides of the fabric.
  • Other methods and materials you could use to manually remove pilling from your clothing:
  • Pluck them with your fingers.
  • Use a sticky tape.
  • Brush them off using a wet nail brush.
  • You can also use shavers which are available at most retail stores, designed for removing pills off your clothing. 

Prevent pilling on your clothes by:

  • Turn your clothing inside out while washing.
  • Refrain from using any sharp object to pill your clothing as this can only damage it.
  • Check for the quality of fabric when you buy clothes or items such as blankets or comforters.
  • Using a fabric softener can also help prevent pilling as this adds lubrication to separate pill clusters from the fabric.    
  • Use washing nets - these prevent pilling.
  • Place your clothing in a netted bag before you put them in the washer. The netted bag will prevent your clothing to come in contact with each other, hence preventing abrasion!
  • Wash all delicate and fragile clothing by hand to prevent pilling.
  • Use lukewarm water and mild detergent and squeeze out excess water instead of wringing it.
  • Do not use a dryer as this also causes pilling.

Following the methods and care discussed in this article will definitely remove pilling from clothing, with little sweat and effort! Trust me, they definitely work and keep those annoying pill clusters away from any fabric.


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